2019 Trip Dates: Contact us to schedule your own trip! (min 6 people)

Cost: On request

Season: Apr-June, Sept-Nov

Description: Garhwal, the part of Uttarakhand that borders Himachal Pradesh, is the home of the river Tons. Rising from the Bandarpunch Mountain range at 20,720 ft., the river is the biggest Yamuna tributary and is believed to have more water than the Yamuna itself. In addition, the Tons Valley is a remote area and has a culture unlike any other in the region. The villagers in the Tons Valley are believed to be descendants of the Pandavas and Kauravas from the epic Mahabharata. 

The Tons River offers one of the most technical river expeditions in India and has plenty of grade 3, 4 and 5 rapids spaced between stretches of flat water. You will spend your days on exciting rapids such as ‘On the Horns of the Tons’, ‘Tons Squeeze’, ‘Confluence’, and ‘Tuni Bazaar’,  with late afternoons and nights spent relaxing and enjoying the riverside camp. The last stretch of rafting and kayaking will take us through the gorge and bring us to the ‘Major Surprise’, the biggest rapid on this trip. Our river expedition ends at Minus. 

This river expedition brings one closer to nature as well as gives you an opportunity to discover a new side of yourself.



Day 01: Drive to the Tons Valley. With breaks for meals we arrive at the campsite well before it gets dark. Set up camp for the night by the Tons River.

Days 02 & 03: Wake up to the gurgling sound of the river, tempting you to begin your river expedition. After a talk on safety as well as basic paddling instructions one begins rafting at Mori and ends the day at Khunigad. Back to the camp by afternoon, you can choose to relax on the beach and watch the sunset, or go for a short hike into the Pine forest. Dinner around the campfire is a great place to share experiences of the adventures of the day.

Days 04 & 05: Start the 60 km river run. Spend the first two days covering a section from Mori to Tiuni. Here we encounter some grade 4 rapids and a lot of smaller ones, which are sure to get your adrenalin pumping. In the late afternoon we pitch camp, where we can trek into the beautiful alpines pastures or the pine forests. Dinner is buzzing with excitement over the next day of rafting and kayaking and your river guide will have plenty of stories to share. Set up camp for the night by the river.

Day 06: From Tuni, the river starts to pick up volume as the river Pabbar joins, providing more volume & terrific white water. After the thrill of the top and middle section of the river expedition we now move into a beautiful gorge. Paddle through some of the country’s best white-water during the day and set up camp in the late afternoon to explore the surrounding area.

Day 07: The last day on the river expedition, we will paddle the way down the river through a black tropical canyon. At Minus we finish our trip and are met by our vehicles to drive us to Dehradun, to board the train back to Delhi. # The above is a suggested itinerary. You can tailor-make the itinerary to suit your interests and time in hand. * Previous rafting and kayaking experience would help.This expedition requires a minimum of 6 committed rafters.


Day 01: Dehradun – Mori

Day 02: Mori Camp (river)

Day 03: Mori Camp (river)

Day 04: Gyunhatti – Paradise Camp

Day 05: Paradise Camp – Below Tuni Camp

Day 06: Below Tuni Camp – Attal Camp

Day 07: Attal Camp – Minus – Dehradun