We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a river operator. Our commitment to safety, sustainability, and of course, epic adventures sets us apart. Read on for more details:


We are deeply committed to your safety first. This means that all of our guides are trained in First Aid/CPR and Swift Water Rescue. It means that all of the equipment we use meets international safety standards. And it means that we will do everything we can to ensure your safety throughout our trip together. We have proudly launched the Paddle Safe India campaign to promote river rafting and kayaking safety throughout the country, in order to raise the industry standard of safety. Even if you choose not to come with us, we will send you a list of questions to ask your river operator to ensure they’re upholding proper safety standards. 


We believe in low-impact river rafting and kayaking expeditions, so that we can be part of conserving the special Himalaya region for future generations. We do not have a fixed river camp on any river, but instead we travel “expedition style,” meaning we set up and break down our camps every night. We travel light, with a maximum of 16 people to a group. Small group sizes not only ensure an intimate experience with nature for you, but also a reduced ecological footprint of our group as a whole. We are thoroughly trained in “Leave No Trace” principles and strictly adhere to these principles on our trips. As a team, we are constantly seeking ways to further advance our ecological sustainability.

We value equally the social sustainability of the region. We deeply value the communities that we travel through, and practice and advocate respect for local religious beliefs and cultures. We believe in supporting local economies by purchasing local produce as much as we can and by hiring local guides. We also believe in helping to build a healthy river industry and envision a community of rafters and kayakers who are committed to running safe, ecologically-sound river trips.

Epic Adventures

Our trips are epic because we experience wild places in India that inspire us to conserve them. We invite you to join us.