Since 1996, our founder and director, Anvesh Singh Thapa, has been rafting and kayaking throughout the world. Although he's guided trips in Ethiopia, Norway, New Zealand, and the USA, he has always returned home to India, to the land and rivers he loves. For over a decade, Anvesh was the Operations Manager at one of India's top adventure companies. During those years he experienced first hand the increasing commercialization of the river rafting industry in India, often at the expense of the environment. In 2008, Anvesh decided to venture out on his own and commit to something different: small-scale, low-impact river adventures that are personal and hands on. 

When Anvesh met Ing-Marie Putka in 2012, they immediately recognised their shared interests. With a Master's degree in International Environmental Studies, Ing-Marie has worked toward personal and planetary sustainability since she moved to India in 2005. Anvesh and Ing-Marie agreed that many conflicts in today's world stem from our disconnection from nature. Together they began to innovate ways to get people into the outdoors in the best way possible.

Since then, Expeditions India has focused on quality over quantity. Each of our adventures is consciously crafted to be good for you, the bioregion, and the planet. We pride ourselves in rigorous safety standards, environmental and social sustainability, and epic adventures. In addition, we are committed to showing you the very best that India has to offer. All of the river trips we offer are located in India, a country that we love dearly and that is filled with countless adventures that we're always ready to explore. 

So that's our story. We're thinking globally and acting very, very locally. At the heart of it all, we believe that when people intimately experience the wilderness, they are more inclined to preserve it.

We invite you to join us for a river adventure!