Kudos to #MRF18!

In June, we were sitting in the valley of the Rogue River in Oregon, USA, with some kayakers. One of them turned to us and said, "Are you going to the festival in Kerala?" Though the paddler butchered the world "Kerala", we got his point. And although we couldn't attend this year, it gave us goosebumps to think that we got to be part of Malabar River Festival in its early years. We had fond memories of sweet days on the river, sopping wet clothes, volunteer comradery, ducking into Chechi's for a hot chai, and the thumping after-party.

July of 2018 saw the 6th edition of the Malabar River Festival. It was the biggest festival to date, and by far the most widely-known. Kudos to all of the organisers for their tremendous work in growing the festival over all of these years, and for really putting India on the world-stage for paddlers. 

While it's difficult to choose what coverage to post here, we'd suggest checking out the official edit of #MRF18:

Also check out this amazingly heart-felt article about the event, "Kayaking at Kodencheri" with a special shout out to dear Chechi. 

Rock on, MRF.