Risk Management at Expeditions India

While perhaps not the sexiest topic to blog about, risk management is something we give a lot of attention to here at EI. Risk is an inherent part of the work we do on the river, and instead of avoiding it (which we can't do anyway), we're all about managing it in the best way we know how. Read about three of our strategies below: 

Our river guides: All are experienced, trained, and ready.

All of our guides are certified by Uttarakhand Department of Tourism and hold current certifications in Wilderness First Aid (or above) and Swiftwater Rescue. They engage in annual trainings in first aid and river rescue held by the Uttarakhand Department of Tourism, and are involved in rigorous in-house training. Our top three guides have nearly 60 years of river guiding experience between them (Anvesh 20 years, Vik 30 years, Pramod 10 years)!! These years in the outdoors equip them with the expertise to respond to diverse situations that present themselves in dynamic outdoor environments. Learn more about their qualifications here.

Our equipment: We use only top-notch equipment that meets international safety standards.

We provide top-notch equipment sourced from the best river companies in the world. For example, we have 14-foot and 16-foot rafts (paddle and oar rig) from NRS. Our personal flotation devices are Type V, approved by the US Coast Guard, also from NRS. All of our gear meets international safety standards.

Our readiness: We always plan ahead and know what resources are available in case of potential emergencies in the backcountry.

Our team knows our external resources well and plans in advance for potential situations. We have evac routes ready for all sections of our trips, including the most remote parts. We carry with us the phone numbers of local police and hospitals in the areas. We know where there will be cell phone coverage and where it's absent. And we always go over these external resources before the start of each trip. 

Finally, Expeditions India leads the rafting industry with its promotion of the Paddle Safe India campaign, working to promote river rafting and kayaking safety throughout the country. 

So there you go. Questions? Please ask us. We love talking about this stuff.