Why We Close in May

Did you hear about how the US-based outdoor apparel giant REI closes its doors on the biggest shopping day in America? Instead of shopping, REI encourages people to #OptOutside, and suggests that families spend time together outside rather than spending money. We like it.

Inspired by its bold move, Expeditions India is closing its doors for the month of May. Are we telling people to stay indoors for May? No way. The truth of the matter is that the day-trip section of the Ganga is a mess then and we don’t want to participate in it. Overrun with tourists, there are traffic jams both on the river and in town. Imagine waiting in line to run a rapid! It’s like being at a major mela. This is not the river experience we want to give you, and it's not one we want to participate in. Simply put: the natural world is not set up for volume business.

Will we lose money with this move? Absolutely. Is it worth it? 100%.

We understand that since schools are out, for a lot of folks these months are the only time to get outside. Yes, do it – get outside. But go further and explore more. Drive a little longer into the mountains, find a scenic guesthouse or camp spot, and go for a hike or visit a more remote river. A little extra effort will let you and your family enjoy the outdoors without feeling like you’ve ended up in Connaught Place.  

We invite you instead for a multi-day trip this October for a true wilderness experience. Join us on the Saryu or Kali to experience an off-the-beaten track river expedition. We promise, it’s worth the wait. Learn more: www.expeditionsindia.com