Rise and Shine!
One wakes up fresh after a long relaxing sleep, to our very own “natural alarm system” - chirping birds, the crispness in the air, the early morning rays of the sun and the aroma of the chef’s special chai. Stroll across and grab a bite, soak in the sun and watch the river flow by. Relax and then get ready for the day's adventure. Pack up right after breakfast and do a clean sweep of the beach to make sure we haven't left any trash behind. Leave camp by about 9.30am with everything we need strapped onto the raft, secured in waterproof barrels and dry bags. 

The fun rapids starts when the first rapid of the day splashes over the raft. Calmer sections between the rapids are chances for a few water fights, team-building exercises, stories and jokes. Take the camera out from the dry bag to click wildlife and scenery or just take a swim in the river.

Around noon, we usually stop for lunch at a sandy beach or a waterfall or stream, depending on what river we are on. Lunch consists of an array of fresh fruit, juice, dry fruits, chocolate, platters of meats, tuna, cheese, peanut butter, etc so you can put together a special sandwich. After lunch, laze around in the shade and then get back on the river to take on some more white water.

Early afternoon we reach camp, always on a secluded river beach away from any other campers. After unpacking the rafts and once everybody is changed into dry clothes it’s time to setup camp. If you've never set up a tent before, this is your chance to learn! After this there is plenty of time to relax, read a book, explore the area, play games or give the kitchen team a hand and pick up tips on the Indian cuisine if you fancy.

Sundown and Evening
It is time to enjoy some cool sundowner drinks and snacks. The bar is open! The trip leader shares what the next day has to offer. Relax and watch the sunset, enjoy the dinner, sit around the campfire discussing the day's adventures, stories, and indulge in some star-gazing.