LEARN TO Stand UP paddleboard!

2018 Dates: Contact us to schedule your own SUP lesson! 

Cost: Varies (see below). 

Season: Sept 15-June 30

Description: Our SUP lessons are designed for absolute beginners, and help you to understand the basics of stand up paddleboarding and get comfortable on the water. If you want to give SUP a try, the Beginners SUP Lesson will orient you to the sport, and cover safety procedures, paddle strokes and board control. The Intermediate SUP Lesson will go a step further to teach you how to read water, eddy in and out, and wave surfing techniques. In both courses, you will start on flat water, and proceed to whitewater as you progress.

Cost includes all SUP equipment and safety gear (SUP, life jacket, helmet, paddle), transportation, instructor and safety kayaker fee.


Starting on flat water, we will practice safety procedures, balance proficiency, self rescue, paddle strokes, and board control. Depending on your progression, we will move to small rapids where you can experience your first whitewater!

1 person: Rs 3500

2 people: Rs 3250/person

3+ people: Rs 3000/person


In addition to covering the 3 hours SUP lesson topics, we will introduce more advanced skills in the 6-hour SUP lesson. They will include how to read a river, eddying in and out, and wave surfing techniques. We will practice the integration of all of your new skills on small rapids on different sections of the river. 

1 person: Rs 5000

2 people: Rs 4500/person

3+ people: Rs 4000/person

sup yoga sundays (6 HOURS) 

Take your practice to the water! This is a special offer for students of yoga only. Enjoy a day off from your yoga training and spend a day on the Ganga, trying your hand at a new skill. In addition to the Intermediate SUP Lesson, you will have the opportunity to practice yoga on the SUP - an experience like none other. 

Flat rate: Rs 3500/person