2019 Trip Dates: November 15-28

Cost: On request

Season: Mid Feb, Nov-Dec

Description: Enter the last frontier of the North Eastern part of India. The Kameng River in Arunachal Pradesh is a tributary of the Brahmaputra, which has only been accessible for river rafting and kayaking in the past 10 years. Anvesh Singh Thapa was a safety kayaker in the first ever commercial descent of the river back in 2007, and Expeditions India ran the river in 2008 and 2009. (The 2008 trip was written up in Outlook Traveler, Descent into the Valley of the Hornbills.) As far as we know, we are the only company that has run it this many times. It is, hands down, our favourite river to run.

Why? NE India gets a lot of rain, which is reflected in some of the finest whitewater in the world, lush rainforests, and breath-taking flora and fauna. The tribal communities that live there are rich in culture. The Kameng’s remoteness is precious and fragile. You feel lucky just to experience such a special area, hidden from the rest of the world. There are a few days on this trip, rafting through the jungle that you will not even come across tribal villages. While other tributaries of the Brahmaputra are spectacular, the technical challenge of the Kameng keeps us coming back for more. This trip is for experienced rafters and kayakers with an adventurous spirit and willingness to explore the unknown.


Day 01: Assemble at Guwahati. Drive 5 hours to Bhalukpong. Overnight stay at a camp.

Day 02: Layover day.

Day 03: Drive 6 hours to Seppa. Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 04: Drive 4 hours to Marjingla and set up camp. Get the raft and gear ready for the expedition. One can walk down the beach and enjoy the twittering of the birds and the rushing water. Dinner around the campfire is filled with conversation about the coming days on the river.

Day 05: The expedition on the river begins with a few easy rapids. Drifting through the thick forest we encounter solid grade 4 rapids such as ‘Maxed Out’, ’Pakke Sock Sucker’. Camp.

Day 06: Enjoy more grade 4 rapids, including the ‘Gruesome Geyser’. Set up camp late afternoon on a sandy beach.

Day 07: Paddle through a gorge which provides some stunning views. Paddle bouncy grade 3 rapids which are the highlight of the day as a lot of small streams and rivers come in adding volume. As we leave the first gorge, we float through the Seppa town to pitch camp on a sandy river beach. Spectacular views of streams falling into the Kameng surround us and we go to bed dreaming of the river and what the next day holds. 

Day 08: The day starts with an easy float section as we go away from the villages into the remote gorge of the Kameng, where there are good grade 3-4 rapids before we reach camp at the rivers confluence. 

Day 09: Layover day. One can choose to wake up late, laze around the camp or take a nature walk and explore the remote gorge, sunbathe, bird watch, try a hand at fishing or just lie on the beach and read a book. 

Day 10: This is a great section of the Kameng River as the Bichom River joins it, increasing volume adding punch to the rapids. We encounter 23 grade3 to 4 plus rapids. We scout the rapids and negotiate them accordingly. Set up camp in the afternoon and rest our aching muscles. This is the remotest section on the Kameng River. 

Day 11: Layover day. One can choose to wake up late, laze around the camp or take a nature walk and explore the remote gorge around, sunbathe, bird watch, try a hand at fishing or just lay on the beach and read a book. 

Day 12: Today we encounter 18 grade 3 to 4 rapids. Once we raft pass the dam site we negotiate awesome ‘full on’ whitewater. Set up camp by a rapid tonight to celebrate the last evening around the camp fire on the trip. 

Day 13: The last day on the river has 17 grade 3-4 plus rapids and a stunning gorge .Raft to Tippi – the takeout point where the river slows down as it enters the plains. Transfer to Bhalukpong and overnight stay at a camp.

Day 14: Drive to Guwahati. Trip ends with some great memories of the Kameng River. 

Day 01: Guwahati – Bhalukpong 

Day 02: Layover Day

Day 03: Bhalukpong - Seppa 

Day 04: Seppa – Marjingla

Day 05: Marjangle – Riga Village Camp 

Day 06: Riga Village Camp - Upstream of Seppa

Day 07: Upstream of Seppa – Vasang

Day 08: Vasang – Confluence Camp (Below Bana village) 

Day 09: Layover Day  

Day 10: Confluence – Stampede Camp 

Day 11: Layover Day

Day 12: Stampede Camp – Below Dam site camp 

Day 13: Dam site Camp – Bhalukpong 

Day 14: Bhalukpong - Guwahati