14 DAYS - Dibrugarh, Assam

2019 Trip Dates: November 30-December 13

Cost: On request

Season: Mid Feb, Nov-Dec

Description: This self-contained river run offers world-class rafting and kayaking through tropical forests and massive gorges, and offers a window on the diverse tribal cultures of NE India. The expedition on the great Brahmaputra begins at Tuting, where ‘Tsang Po’, the name given to the river in Tibet, takes on the name ‘Siang’ in Arunachal Pradesh. Rapids such as the ‘Pulsating Pulsi’ and ‘Toothfairy’ at Cherring will give you more than enough adrenaline to share with the folks back home. Camps are located on the river bed virtually every night of the expedition. This is as close of an experience to untouched nature that one can get! You will be rewarded with an experience that will give you goose bumps whenever you think about it.


Day 01: We assemble in Dibrugarh, a city on the banks of lower Brahmaputra. Travel by ferry for one hour from Dibrugarh to cross the Brahmaputra River and then drive to Pasighat. Be on the look out to spot some spectacular resident and migratory birds. One may also get to see the Ganges River Dolphin. Overnight stay at a camp. 

Day 02: Layover day at a camp.

Days 03 and 04: We drive to the starting point on the river that will take us through the rainforest and Adi tribal settlements. We will be stopping often to get photographs and to talk to locals. Camp overnight and travel the next day to Tuting. One reaches Tuting in the evening, pitches camp and enjoys a hot dinner around a campfire then hits the sleeping bags.

Day 05: Layover day. This is a relaxed day. You can hike up to the Jedu village to discover the culture and traditions of the tribal people. Late afternoon is spent on a complete river safety briefing, an introduction to paddling commands and the basics of rafting, kayaking and rescue procedures.

Day 06: This is the day we have been waiting for, the first day of the river run. The Brahmaputra in all its glory gives one an experience on its grade 4 rapids with the ‘Ninguing’ rapid and then ‘Pulsating Palsi’ further below Palsi Village. We reach Pango in the afternoon and set up camp. Dinner around the campfire is never quiet on this evening as there are plenty of experiences and adventures of the day to share and relive.

Day 07: Paddle from Pango to Rikor today. One begins the journey by paddling the enormous Pango rapid, the entry point to the Marmong Gorge. Once inside one of the world’s most remote jungle canyons, you will experience land virtually untouched by civilization. The virgin forests that surround us create the perfect setting for the exhilarating ‘Rikor’ and ‘Zebra Rock’ rapids. Set up camp in the canyon.

Day 08: Continuing downriver, we walk around the ‘Toothfairy’ - a grade 6 rapid. Set up camp at Cherring, still enjoying the wonders of Marmong Gorge.

Day 09: Making our way out of Marmong Gorge, we encounter and negotiate grade 4 rapids such as the ‘Hairy Hari’, ’Broken Oar’ and lots more. Then we enjoy a float trip until camp, just short of ‘Moying Madness’ rapid.

Day 10: Start the day with ‘Moying Madness,’ a grade 4+ rapid that is sure to get your adrenalin pumping. The section below is comparatively mellow until one reaches Nubo. The ‘Karo Killer’ brings us to Geku, where we pitch camp. Enjoy evening stories as we sit around the campfire.

Day 11: Layover day. Enjoy the gushing sound of the river as it gently awakens you. This is a relaxed day and one can choose to hike in the hills that surround us, go kayaking on the river or just laze around camp.

Day 12: Float trip is the call for the day and it takes you past many Adi tribal settlements. We will also pass the confluence of the Brahmaputra and Siyom. Watch the world pass by you gently and enjoy the sights and sounds of Yembung and Rotung villages. Rotung is our stop for the day and we reach it in time for lunch. Refresh your body and mind with a dip in the fresh water spring and get ready to head back to the urban world.

Day 13: Raft from Rotung to Pasighat. We enter the last whitewater section on the Brahmaputra before it flows into the plains. The river looks more voluminous now, and offers a different charm than what we saw in the last few days. Transfer to Pasighat and stay overnight at a camp.

Day 14: We bid farewell to Pasighat and drive to Dibrugarh. Transfer to airport. Trip ends. Your flight from Dibrugarh gets you back to Delhi (or your onward journey) with memories and stories to last until your next trip on the Brahmaputra.   

Day 01: Dibrugarh – Pasighat

Day 02: Layover Day at Pasighat

Day 03: Pasighat – Jenning

Day 04: Jenning – Purang Nalla

Day 05: Layover Day at Purang Nalla

Day 06: Purang Nalla - Pango Camp (put in)

Day 07: Pango - Rikor Camp

Day 08: Rikor Camp – Cherring Camp

Day 09: Cherring Camp – Moying Camp

Day 10: Moying Camp - Geku Camp

Day 11: Layover Day

Day 12: Geku Camp- Rotung Camp

Day 13: Rotung Camp – Pasighat (take out)

Day 14: Pasighat – Dibrugarh